Grove City


The Grove City skatepark is located on Hoover Rd. north of Stringtown Rd. This all-concrete park is one of central Ohio’s largest skateparks. Here you will see some of the largest concrete transitions and bowls our city has to offer. Not only that, but the transitions are, for the most part, silky smooth and easy to skate. A generous amount of effort was put into designing and building this park, which shows in it’s many options for skaters of all skill levels. A large portion of the park is made up of very high transitions and the coping switches from steel, to concrete, and even some brick is used in places.

It may take a while to find some good lines here because of the layout. While it may feel a bit awkward at first in places, there are plenty of ways to be creative. Among the winding concrete, there are some grind boxes and bank ramps, and even a rail. There is also a set of bleachers nearby to rest on or watch others skate. This park is free to the public and very fun to skate on a dry day.